Before You Go

”Before You Go” 

  • Know and plan for your contract end date and be ready to move out and check out of your room and apartment by that time.
  • Remove all personal belongings, including carpets and personal furniture.
  • Remove all trash and recyclables and place in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Make sure all University furniture found at Move-In is in your room.
  • Close and lock all windows in your room or suite.
  • Sweep the floor.
  • If you have a private bathroom, clean the bathroom.
  • Go to Penn In Touch to update your temporary mailing address so we can forward first class mail.
  • Visit your mail or package room staff to arrange summer holding if you will be traveling abroad over the summer.
  • Make appropriate plans for storage if needed.
  • Donate unwanted furniture, clean clothing, unused school supplies, books, bicycles. PennMOVES accepts these items and more to support the West Philadelphia community.
  • Make one FINAL check of closets, drawers, cabinets, back of doors. Did you leave anything hanging on walls?
  • Check out at your Info Center and return your keys.
  • Lock your door upon exiting your room.

Residential Services staff will be checking rooms to insure that they are vacant. Residents found remaining in their spaces after they have checked out will be charged late move out penalties.