New College House
Photo of New College House Drawing of New College House Renovation Plans photo of New college House

Open Fall 2016, the New College House is the first residential building designed to support Penn’s College House vision. Students can live, study, dine, and socialize in state-of-the-art facilities. The room types consist of suite-style living with private bedrooms.

For more information, please see the New College House Website

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  • General Information
    • Suite style units offering private bedrooms and one or two bathrooms
    • Seasonally air-conditioned
    • Number of Residents (excluding staff): 344
    • Number of first-year students: 76
    • Number of each room type (excluding staff):
      • 4 Doubles (2 BR/LR/Bath)
      • 18 Triples (3 BR/LR/Bath)
      • 41 Quads (4 BR/LR/Bath)
      • 8 Five private BR/LR/2 Bath
      • 13 Six private BR/LR/2 Bath
  • Layout/Floor Plan
    • Building floor plans
    • Room floor plans
    • A typical bedroom is approximately 8'-6" wide and 11'-6" deep, or about 95 square feet. Bedrooms range from 80 to 112 square feet.
    • Important Notes:
      • The purpose of these diagrams is to convey general information only. Dimensions are taken from a representative room. Individual rooms may vary in size and amenities. Changes may occur over time that are not reflected in the diagrams.
      • All students within apartments or suites that contain multiple bedrooms must be assigned to a specific bedroom (A, B, C, and so on) within the apartment or suite.
      • For maximum quality and efficiency when printing these pictures, it is recommended that you save the individual room images to your hard drive and print from there.
  • Room Furnishings
    • Bed (twin extra-long 36x80x6)
    • Desk & Chair
    • Dresser
    • Tile floors
    • Built-in shelving
    • Wardrobe
    • Window shades
    • Individual Thermostat
  • Suite Furnishings
    • Soft seating
    • Common Sink
    • 42" flat Screen television
    • Tile floors
    • Table
    • Chairs
  • House Facilities
    • Common Kitchen: 2
    • Seminar Room: 2
    • Laundry Room: 2
    • Library/Reading Room: 1
    • Media Room: 1
    • Music Practice Room: 2
    • Common Living Room: 1
    • Dining Pavilion: 1
    • Private Courtyard: 1