Move-In is one of the most exciting times on campus, with over 6500 undergraduates and graduate students arriving for the Fall semester!

Move-In at Hill with President Gutman

2019 Move-In Dates: Individually assigned move-in date and time slots will be posted for new students once they have confirmed their room assignment on Campus Express.
Following your time slot will allow us to provide you with the best move in experience possible.
Tuesday, August 20

Transfer & Exchange Students
Move-In, all day
New student assigned arrival times are posted on Campus Express.

Wednesday, August 21

Freshman Students
, all day
New student assigned arrival times are posted on Campus Express.

Saturday, August 24 Upperclass and Graduate Move-In: Graduate and returning residents may move in as early as August 18, even if not sponsored. Residents can simply come and check into their rooms after August 18 and will be charged a daily rate based on their semester or monthly rent rates.
Note: Early Move-In is not available to incoming freshmen.

Move-In Traffic, Unloading, Guest Access and Check in Support for new students will be provided starting at 8 am on August 20th and 21st.  Other dates are self-service.

Please visit Move-In Instructions for additional reminders.